February 15, 2017

Quantifind Cited in Recent Bain Marketing Brief

Is your business struggling to action on consistent themes of feedback shared by customers on Twitter and Facebook? Have you and your colleagues been frustrated by the dated and binary sentiments shared by Net Promoter Scores (NPS)? Have you been searching for a platform to combine and address these challenges by extracting the signals from this ocean of consumer noise?

In its latest Customer Strategy and Marketing Brief, Bain & Company tackles these questions directly. The piece details the shortcomings of NPS and social listening, and examines the possibilities of a solution that mollifies both pain points.

Quantifind's work with Taco Bell extracting signals that are predictive of sales is cited as an example, "Taco Bell’s social insights tie to business outcomes, but now imagine how much more powerful this kind of analysis could be if a company knew whether the person posting comments was already a promoter or a detractor."  

At the end of the article, the authors give three additional steps toward acheiving a "mash-up" of NPS and social listening. The goal is for "managers to get a comprehensive view of important shifts in customer sentiment and intent." Reading this great article is a big step in that direction.