September 18, 2017

Which restaurant chain has the best bacon?

One of the joys of eating out is of course eating bacon. So it’s important to know which restaurant chain has the best bacon in order to make an informed dining decision. Enter SIGNUM for Restaurants.

Let’s get right into it. Out of the 15 national restaurant chains in the study, Wendy’s has the bacon most discussed by its own customers.

Data on which restaurants have the best bacon. Customer opinion on bacon.

Over the last two years, Wendy’s customers are 5.5 times more likely to discuss the brand’s bacon than customers are at the average restaurant in the study. Subway’s bacon is the second most discussed slice of pig. It’s interesting that casual dining restaurants, whose bacon appears more often and more conspicuously on the menu, are merely in the middle of the pack.

But just because Wendy’s bacon is the most discussed does that mean it’s the best-tasting? A look at SIGNUM’s buyer sentiment analysis shows that Wendy’s actually has the bacon people discuss negatively most often.

Positive Net Sentiment Scores for Bacon at national restaurants

In fact it’s Outback Steakhouse whose bacon comes in first, with an impressive 81.20% net positive sentiment score. Shake Shack's bacon comes in second for this metric at 80.75% net sentiment.

But the news isn’t all bad for Wendy’s. This word cloud compares the positive and negative sentiment terms expressed by its customers around bacon.

Sentiment analysis of Wendy's bacon

The terms in red show it’s not the bacon’s taste that’s disappointing. Instead, it’s the poor delivery – and sometimes absence – of it that’s upsetting people in the stores. This state of affairs seems easier to fix than the taste itself.

In conclusion, Wendy’s, Subway, and Burger King have the bacon most discussed by their customers. At least in the case of Wendy’s, this is not great news since our sentiment analysis shows that Wendy’s bacon has the lowest net sentiment score out of the 15 restaurants queried, though service challenges are mostly to blame. Outback Steakhouse, Shake Shack, and Cracker Barrel serve the bacon people enjoy eating the most. Enjoy responsibly.