June 15, 2017

LTO Data: Why Burger King’s Mac n’ Cheetos is back

Burger King’s Mac n’ Cheetos are back this summer, as fried and orange and wonderful as they were last year.  

So besides being delicious, why has this Limited-Time Offer (LTO) returned? Because it was a big financial success last summer. How do we know that? From Quantifind’s SIGNUM suite of products.

Here’s a look at SIGNUM Timeline for Burger King’s sales last summer; Mac n’ Cheetos debuted across the country in late June of 2016.

Limited-time Only (LTO) data on Burger King Mac n' Cheetos

When we look at terms with the most positive movement during that period we see that the LTO correlates to a 21.4% revenue spike in early July. These are word clusters used by Burger King customers most frequently when compared to the period that preceded the spike.

Interestingly, SIGNUM found that the two Topics that most explain the June-July 2016 revenue spike for Burger King were around the themes of “Trying it out” and “Break from routine” – explaining the embrace of the Mac n' Cheetos, a new menu item. 

Furthermore, the group most responsible for the revenue spike were Vegetarians. So while no one would confuse Mac n' Cheetos for a kale salad, it does support those who don’t eat meat.

So why are Mac n' Cheetos back this summer? Because the LTO drove revenue for Burger King last year. How do we know that? There’s a revenue spike during the period right after it launched in 2016. The terms used by Burger King customers in online conversations most responsible for the spike feature Mac n' Cheetos prominently. The spike was also caused by customers excited by new menu items and by vegetarians. The evidence that this LTO worked for Burger King last summer is clear; this is why it’s back. 

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