January 12, 2017

Basketball and Retail: What are NBA Fans Most Loyal To?

The NBA season is in full swing – and that means top teams jostling for playoff positions (and bad ones tanking for draft spots).

And what’s the cause of this madness? The answer is simple: fan loyalty. 

NBA fans are a super loyal bunch, hell-bent on tackling football as the #1 American sport. Emory business school professor Mike Lewis recently dove deeper to discover the most loyal fan bases in the league. His analysis "uses data to identify engagement or passion (based on attendance and spend) beyond what is expected based on how a team is performing and where the team is located."

Since the NBA's ascendant popularity in America is only rivaled by shopping’s, we here at Quantifind decided to use our platform to find the retailers with the highest loyalty metrics among hoops fans.  

This took only a few seconds inside SIGNUM for Retail. The platform analyzes 5 years' worth of retail data – 750 million shopping-related consumer conversations correlated to more than 12 million retail sales transactions – to find the buyers’ voice. Our insights are used by Retailers to manage the signals in their data.

In this quick example, we found that basketball fans are most driven by brand loyalty to spend money at the following retail stores:

1) JCPenney
2) REI
3) Sephora

For teams and retailers, data is not enough to drive results. It’s about taking action. For example, now that your retail outfit knows NBA fans are loyal to the brand – why not offer local fans a 10% discount for presenting a ticket stub from a game this season? Or, why not install a storefront right in the arena itself to double down on the competitive advantage? Maybe REI could even organize a camping trip that streams a big playoff game like a drive-in movie.

Whether it’s producing insights on your promotional strategy, discounts or sports sponsorship, SIGNUM for Retail helps your brand find the signals in its data to market to and sell to the right people.

So next time you see someone pushing a cart at JCPenney wearing a Knicks hoodie, give him or her a nod – because that is one loyal soul. 

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