September 14, 2016

Football and Restaurants: What are NFL fans most loyal to?

Football season is here – and with it the parade of Americans standing in the cold, wearing face paint, cheering like crazy for large people they’ve never met.

And what’s the cause of this collective madness? The answer is simple: Loyalty.

NFL fans are easily the biggest and most loyal sports block in North America. Forbes recently dove deeper to uncover the most loyal fanbases in the league. Its benchmark included stadium attendance over a three-year period, merchandise sales, social media reach, and local television audiences.

Since football’s popularity in America is only rivaled by food’s, we here at Quantifind decided to use our platform to find the restaurants with the highest loyalty metrics among football fans.  

This took only a few seconds inside our new product, SIGNUM for Restaurants. The platform analyzes 5 years' worth of restaurant data – 700 million online comments, 60 million users – and correlates that to 5 million transaction records to find the buyers’ voice. Our insights are used by Quick Serve, Fast Casual, and Casual Dining leaders to uncover competitive intelligence and consumer insights, and to drive product and service innovation.

In this quick example, we found that football fans are most driven by brand loyalty to spend money at the following restaurants:

1) Five Guys

2) Dunkin' Donuts

3) Subway

For teams and restaurants, data is not enough to drive results. It’s about taking action. Whether it’s producing insights on your promotional strategy, limited-time offers or sports sponsorship, SIGNUM for Restaurants will help your brand identify new revenue-driving opportunities and eliminate competitive blindspots.

So next time you see someone chomping on a Five Guys burger at Lambeau Field watching the Packers, give him a fist bump – because that is one loyal dude.

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