August 1, 2017

Did LeBron James turn Sprite into a winner?

Sprite spent $2 million on a partnership with basketball great LeBron James to promote a new drink called Six Mix. The natural challenge in the immediate aftermath was to quantify the partnership’s results. The soft drink brand came to Quantifind for help; the takeaways were clear, and surprising.

Using SIGNUM Impact, which quantifies campaign and promotion effectiveness in dollars, Sprite was able to discover that the partnership delivered $3.7M in incremental revenue for the brand.

How much money did the LeBron James Sprite partnership make

Drilling down into the demographics within LeBron fans, we see that during this period Sprite grew most with white males under 21 in the Midwest, with room to develop in the segment of the population the campaign was actually targeting. In other words, Sprite was able to see the direct impact of the promotion, across demographics.

There was also some constructive feedback from the data. The Voice feature of Signum Analysis shows that one of the top terms used by LeBron fans who bought Sprite during the promotion was the term “Find.”

The fact that consumers experienced difficulty finding the Six Mix drink indicates that Sprite had distribution issues during the promotion. Had Sprite properly prepared for increases in demand, it could have driven additional revenue around the LeBron partnership.

Most measurement tools are far from a slam dunk. Today’s marketing challenges demand specific insights based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. SIGNUM provided this for Sprite, and can for your brand as well.