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Business Intel Use Cases

Financial Services
Financial Services

Are your major sponsorships generating revenue and how much? Which influencers, properties and interests should you align with to reach your target audience most effectively? How can you successfully make your products favorites and your customers more loyal? Quantifind’s AI can help you combine data science with the art of marketing to drive the results you want to achieve.


Our out-of-the-box restaurant solution automatically extracts signals that predict sales and deliver revenue-driving insights across marketing, operations, service, menu and product innovation. Our patented AI uniquely integrates data sources as varied as your unstructured customer surveys, social, and structured business KPI to provide you with the roadmap to results.


Which of your products are impulse buys? How can you best steal share back from Amazon? Quantifind for Retail ingests transactional data and aligns it with customer verbatims from sources such as social, reviews, survey, call logs and Instagram, to help you determine and act upon the best strategies for improving performance and gaining share.  

Quantifind Brand Intelligence Products

deep dive
Deep Dive
Go deeper into the data that matters with always-on access to competitive intelligence and benchmarking. Rich integration of customer survey, social, and sales data yields actionable insights that range from operational effectiveness and product innovation to customer segmentation and creative messaging ideas.
Discover, validate, and analyze trends that emerge from millions of real-time social conversations. Identify the trends with high growth and magnitude potential that align with your brand audience. Drill down into the contextual themes and demographic cohorts you can capitalize on to drive sales.

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Data Diversity

What makes us different
Data Diversity

We consistently prove that the whole is more than the sum of its parts by meaningfully integrating diverse data sets. From internal data about yourself to external data about you and your competitors. From structured financial data to huge bodies of unstructured text.  

data signals
Data Signals

Our battle-hardened machine learning models are trained over critical performance metrics—typically financial—to slash away the bulk of noisy data, prioritize the signals that are most important, and discover the unknown unknowns.

Actionable Data

Our AI helps users discover everything from predictive indicators of financial crime to true drivers of restaurant and media consumption behaviors. These use case driven applications are designed to lead directly to money-making, actionable insights.  

Data Integration Platform

derive insights from disparate data

External Data

Customer Surveys
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Social Media
News Events
Employee Review

Internal Data

Call Logs

Predictive Data Modeling

SaaS Suite
Multi-User, Always-On, Secure Applications, Intuitive Data Visualizations, Downloads
Customer Success and Data Analyst Partners, Custom Reporting

Business Use Cases

Understand buyer audiences by demographics, interests, affinity groups, and topics

Identify competitive blindspots, strengths, and opportunities

See which consumer conversations are most tied to sales

Target audiences predictive of sales on Facebook and Instagram

Measure incremental revenue lift for campaigns and sponsorships