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Front-end Software Engineer

Menlo Park, CA

Who You Are

You are an outstanding Front-end Software Engineer who wants to build web applications on top of an Artificial Intelligence service layer.  You excel at building modern browser-based JavaScript applications that make Ajax calls to RESTful Microservices. You have worked with React and Redux; you want to go deep with these technologies to build the next generation of web applications.

You hold yourself to a high standard when it comes to writing clean, performant, and maintainable code that powers well-designed web applications. You are very productive and deliver extremely high quality front-end code where the separation of concerns is clear and follows architectural best practices. You apply software patterns well and take testing your code seriously. You write unit tests while writing production code rather than as an afterthought. Your code meets the rigorous standards needed for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment workflows.

You care deeply about your work and its impact on your team’s productivity. You work well in cross-functional settings that include User Experience Designers, Product Owners, Data Scientists, and Platform Engineers. You are constantly proactive in finding new ways to improve the design, performance, and testing of the software that you and your team build. You value the security of a company with a proven business model and enjoy the opportunities a startup offers.

You have a great work ethic and are able to take on major projects from start to finish, either solo or collaborating with other engineers. You inspire the best in your teammates. On a personal note, you are fun to work with; you maintain a positive attitude throughout the Agile Sprint cycle.

Who We Are

Quantifind helps some of the world’s biggest banks catch money laundering and fraud. Quantifind also works with government agencies to use the same platform to uncover criminal networks and combat election tampering. Unlike other players in this space, Quantifind delivers results as software-as-a-service (SaaS) with consumer-grade user experiences.

Quantifind is a data science technology company whose AI platform uncovers signals of risk across disparate and unstructured text sources. In financial crimes risk management, Quantifind’s solution uniquely combines internal financial institution data with public domain data to assess risk in the context of Know Your Customer (KYC), Customer Due Diligence (CDD), Fraud Risk Management, and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes. Today these compliance processes are burdened by ever-increasing regulatory responsibilities and an expectation of frictionless transactions. Legacy technologies demand increasingly more human resources as the operations expand; Quantifind’s solution offers a way to cut through the inefficiency and enhance effectiveness simultaneously.

To help you succeed, we provide a supportive environment that fosters collaboration between teams and team members, where learning and professional growth are considered a key part of your success, and of ours. We offer a flexible work environment with a family friendly work-life balance.

What a Great Candidate Looks Like:

  • Professional software engineer for 2 or more years with a focus on front-end engineering
  • Professional experience for at least 1 year using React
  • BS or MS in Computer Science
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Previous experience at a software startup preferred
  • Professional experience with JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3
  • Professional experience developing rich, powerful, and reusable components with client-side JavaScript frameworks such as React or Vue.js
  • Professional experience using Redux to manage application state
  • Experience with data visualization is a plus
  • Strong UX and design sensibilities and attention to detail
  • Professional experience with server-side JavaScript using Express.js or something similar
  • Professional experience working with SQL databases such as Postgres
  • Professional experience writing unit tests and automated integration tests
  • You enjoy leading by example and helping others understand complex ideas

The Opportunity We Offer

Quantifind is seeking a Front-end Software Engineer for our Front-end team in Menlo Park, CA. You will create browser-based, responsive applications built with reusable components. The Front-end team works closely with our Data Scientists and Platform Engineers to build an interactive product that helps our customers visualize risk factors.

We are an equal opportunity employer.  We pride ourselves on living our values. We are curious. We respect each other. We are proactively transparent. We relentlessly solve problems. We win together.

Will you join us?