Our AI solution leverages the chatter of the outside world to better understand money laundering risks Most anti-money-laundering (AML) solutions focus on internal transaction patterns and predetermined rules to identify high risk situations These approaches provide a strong first line of defense; however, increasingly, they suffer from blind spots and false positive alerts The external world of social chatter and news feeds can provide improved contextualization for anomaly models and reduce both false positive and false negative rates for Suspicious Activity Report filings Quantifind integrates disparate external sources with internal case files, in real time, to discover new and emerging patterns of misconduct Let us demonstrate

Mitigate potential damages

early warning… before the press breaks the story

Quantifind for Financial Institutions


External Data

Social Media
Global News
Financial Forums
Dark Web
Employer Review Sites

Internal Data

Fraud Alerts
Case Data
Employee Ethics Hotline
Applications and Contracts

Predictive Data Modeling

SaaS Suite
Multi-User, Always-On, Secure Applications, Intuitive Data Visualizations, Downloads
Customer Success and Data Analyst Partners, Custom Reporting

Business Use Cases

Surface emergent trends in internal/external fraud and AML

Triage alerts and case files in the AML investigative pipeline

Provide alerting and assign risk factors without hard-coded rules or data models

Provide real-time visibility of trends and topics across the enterprise

Our Unique Value Proposition

Leverage text features like never before: report or tipline narratives, internal communications, applications, contracts

Enrich internal bank data with external news sources, social chatter, and dark web

Quantifind is an on-demand SaaS platform, with expert services to back it up