Financial Crimes Intelligence Automation with Artificial Intelligence

“Quantifind is leading in Fraud and AML intelligence, with a careful attention to solving the business need to drive accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency. The efficiency savings that they provide is critical in an industry that is seeing rampant growth and rapid increase in need for resources to address increasing regulation and bad actor sophistication.  Quantifind is the solution that meets these needs, with cutting edge AI technology that consistently finds the hidden signals.”

Steven Katz, former Chief Information Security Officer, Citigroup

Use Cases

Anti-Money Laundering

Help your investigators make better decisions, faster with advanced risk models applied at both the entity and the alert level. Automate Alerts Management to reduce false positives and sort and prioritize the true positives. Replace manual, time-consuming entity searches with an automated and consistent search, before the case even lands on investigator’s desk.

External Fraud

Break free of a static rules-based approach to keep pace with emergent trends and highlight fraud risk factors you didn’t know to look for. Automate the search for entities and their relationships across some of the most important data sources for fraud including social media and deep web forums.

Customer Due Diligence

Automatically assess risk factors for individuals and organizations as they appear in new customer or vendor/provider applications. Go beyond list checks to discover hidden associations and predictive signals across an entity’s complete online exposure. Seed assessments with as little information as a name, an email address, or a phone number.

Features and Benefits

  • Over 20 billion unstructured comments and 1 billion entities acquired over 10 years
  • An ecosystem of data partners providing on-demand access to many billions more
  • Broad and deep coverage of online sources from global news to social media to complaints boards and discussions forums
  • Standard and non-standard lists of criminals and exposed entities sourced directly
  • Patented information storage and retrieval technology optimized for textual analysis
  • Automated systems for screening tens of thousands of explicit and latent features for predictive risk factors
  • Internal/external record linkage and entity resolution at unprecedented speed, scale and performance
  • State-of-the-art browser-based interactive tools for investigative workflow automation
Why AI
  • AI helps automate and standardize the complex and time-consuming tasks of searching for signals, disambiguating entities, and assimilating with internal data
  • Rules-based alerting and exposure list screening is by definition backwards-looking
  • AI and machine learning help to discover predictive signals and detect them in real time
Efficiency Gains
  • Partial to full automation of entire Alerts Management phase
  • Partial to full automation of entity searching and results curation across external sources, saving up to 30% aggregate investigative time
Secure Hosting
  • State-of-the-art hosted solution utilizing best-in-breed security and governance technology
  • Rapid instantiation of dedicated cloud infrastructure ensures customers are up and running as fast as possible with a cost-effective, secure solution
  • Secure SSAE 16 Type II data center with biometric controls and built-in disaster recovery

Quantifind for Financial Institutions

signal extraction across internal and external data

External Data

Social Media
Global News
Financial Forums
Dark Web
Employer Review Sites

Internal Data

Fraud Alerts
Case Data
Employee Ethics Hotline
Applications and Contracts

Predictive Data Modeling

SaaS Suite
Multi-User, Always-On, Secure Applications, Intuitive Data Visualizations, Downloads
Customer Success and Data Analyst Partners, Custom Reporting

Business Use Cases

Surface emergent trends in internal/external fraud and AML

Triage alerts and case files in the AML investigative pipeline

Provide alerting and assign risk factors without hard-coded rules or data models

Provide real-time visibility of trends and topics across the enterprise