Quantifind isn’t different because of any isolated data science discipline we perform with expertise; we’re different because we’ve discovered a significantly better way to synthesize the right AI approaches with different sources of data, and thereby deliver meaningful insights that help people take action to solve real world problems Every data insight we deliver is optimized for your key business metric, no matter what that is

Quantifind links consumer conversation to business performance

Quantifind extracts revenue signals from unstructured data.
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Quantifind CEO, Ari Tuchman, discusses signal detection as an applied science for any business problem.
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Three Warning Signs


When a company recites that alluring signal-from-noise positioning, but can’t explain how a signal has been optimized relative to your business metric, it probably means you’ll be on your own to determine which signals deserve action—and which might generate positive business results. Pulling patterns from a noisy data set is only step one.

When a company tells you they’re using AI and NLP to deliver “high value” insights from unstructured text, but it sure looks like they’re placing too much importance on volume, spikes, or trends, they probably are. Those things are seldom as meaningful as some want you to believe when there isn’t a business-related optimization function.

When a company seems unwilling to help you answer the simple question, “what should I do?,” they’re probably one of the many who want to sell you a piece of software that forces you to find your own insights. While software can do a good job of generating word clouds and other data visualizations that create patterns, those typically just represent organized noise.

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