We know auto industry consumers, and why they buy.
Whether it’s exterior styling or a celebrity partnership, we know what drives people to buy across 300 auto makes and models. We can tell if boosting inventory of vehicles with 3rd-row seating or improving dealer service will help gain market share. Quantifind for Automotive discovers the best predictive indicators for helping automakers course-correct and drive revenue.
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We know your shoppers—and your competition’s.
Which of your products are impulse buys? What’s your best opportunity for improving business performance at the individual store level? How can you best steal share back from Amazon? Quantifind for Retail ingests data from 21 million transactions and aligns it with 880 million conversations from 280 audience segments to help you determine and act upon the best strategies for improving performance and gaining share.
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Quantifind has an industry solution for improving your business.
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Our deep-vertical platform approach allows users to extract fresh insights integral to their business and the competitions’.  Schedule a demo.