Analysis Extracts signals from internal and external conversations so you can see who—and what—is moving your KPI Visualizes what people love (or hate) about your brand Helps you understand why they act

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Eliminate competitive blind spots and better understand how to steal market share


Reduce ad spend and other waste by learning who your real buyers are


Make existing customers and employees happier and reduce acquisition costs


Learn what people truly care about and what will likely motivate them next time

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Better predictive models are the start. Before you begin, you’ll know you’re looking at meaningful signals of behavior.


Contains a set of best practice analyses that can be accessed with a single click, or you can save and track your own


Examine signals from one or multiple data sources, for your brand and/or competitors, within custom data ranges, and across thousands of possible persona dimensions

Clear data vizualizations. Select one of 15 different charts, graphs, or tables to view and share—or export raw data.

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Cut through the noise. Find truer signals of intentful behavior so you know what is (and isn’t) actionable.


Topics of conversation are ranked as key drivers of business performance, and Analysis helps you drill into the sentiment of conversations to help guide appropriate messaging and action


Our predictive models are built to extract signals of buyer behavior, and Analysis can display the difference between organic brand awareness and the voice of actual consumers

Go further into the voice of the customer. We’ll rank and surface the actual verbatims that mean the most.

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voice of customer verbatims

The Quantifind SaaS Platform

Always on and ready to help you discover, investigate, activate on, and measure the hidden signals that truly matter