Timeline Uncovers explanatory factors behind critical movements in any key performance indicator you care about Displays a 360º view of signals that matter to your business, in one place Helps you investigate the who + why

SIGNUM Timeline
recognize Patterns

Identify unusual sales movements for your brand and the competitions'.

compare overlays

Layer on additional data sets like competitor sales, prior-year KPI, churn, and stock price

visualize context

Stay on top of news, campaigns, LTO’s, and events directly affecting revenue

gain intelligence

Automatically detect, track, and drill into critical signals impacting sales over time


product features and benefits

Lay the foundation for understanding. You decide which type of data for you or your competitors is displayed, over what period of time, applying a variety of overlays and event labels.

select brand baseline

Choose to see KPI, buyer volume, or brand volume for you or any of your competitors.

add overlays

Add a second time series to overlay the base KPI in order to investigate potential correlations.

Set your view lens. Adjust the time scroller to focus on any period of time over the past several years of available data.


Click on events to extract the signals that help explain it. Highlighted areas focus on the period during which those explanatory events occurred.


Change spike or trend labels to be more descriptive, shareable, and easier to track later.

See the movement in consumer conversation.

term cloud

One way to explain a KPI event is to look at how specific consumer conversation (not just anyone chattering about the brand, but the actual buyers) has changed during the selected period.

Examine the context of events. Select a KPI event to highlight everything that was happening during the same time.


Highlight events in categories like promotions, news, LTOs, TV campaigns, and other first or third-party time-based data.

The Quantifind SaaS Platform

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