SOURCE: Nomura Strategic Ventures, LLC

San Francisco, April 13, 2021 – Nomura Strategic Ventures, LLC (NSV) today announced an investment in Quantifind, a Menlo Park startup that develops AI-based solutions for automation of anti-money laundering (AML), fraud investigations and customer due diligence.

The investment, which assumes the form of a growth capital term loan, was extended from Nomura’s venture debt fund, Nomura Strategic Ventures Fund 1 (NSV Fund 1). The transaction will enable Quantifind to raise flexible capital while minimizing dilution. Quantifind intends to use the capital to advance the execution of their go-to-market initiatives and accelerate their product roadmap.

Quantifind’s Graphyte™ platform drives automation in AML and fraud investigations by automatically extracting predictive risk signals from vast stores of public data. Financial institutions (FI) use Graphyte to automate their risk monitoring and AML investigation processes, allowing their investigation teams to focus their skills on the highest-risk transactions. Graphyte’s APIs and web applications are easily accessed as SaaS through a seamless cloud integration.

“The efficiencies that Quantifind achieves with its automation are very exciting for a financial-services industry spending billions every year on fraud mitigation and compliance,” said Ryan Turner, Managing Director at Nomura. “We are thrilled to work with Quantifind to help firms around the world make their AML and screening operations more efficient and productive.”

“We couldn’t be more pleased to have the support of a global leader in the industry in Nomura,” commented Ari Tuchman, Founder and CEO of Quantifind. “Our team looks forward to collaborating with NSV to help FIs equip their AML and screening programs to address ongoing growth in financial crimes and a modernizing regulatory environment.”

About NSV

NSV is a subsidiary of Nomura Holding America Inc. and manages NSV Fund 1 as well as the investment activities of the Nomura Group’s Financial Innovation office in the United States.

About Quantifind

Quantifind was founded in 2009 upon pioneering work building machine learning technology to discover meaningful patterns across large, disparate, unstructured datasets. Their Graphyte™ platform is used by financial institutions to maximize the efficiency of their screening, due diligence, and investigations by driving automation from end-to-end throughout the KYC/AML workflow. Graphyte is differentiated by its accuracy in assessing risk, achieved through best-in-class name science and AI-driven entity resolution. It puts all of this technology at the fingertips of investigation teams in the form of easy-to-integrate APIs and intuitive, feature-rich investigation applications. Graphyte embodies over a decade of R&D and large-scale deployments by government agencies and Fortune 50 companies. Quantifind is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, with teams in Boston, New York, and Washington. Learn more about Quantifind and request a demo at


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