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Intelligent financial crimes automation from end to end

Quantifind’s Graphyte AI-powered financial crimes automation platform applies comprehensive data coverage, best-in-class risk assessment accuracy, and powerful investigation tools to deliver AML-KYC productivity gains of over 40%.

Leverage AI to improve AML-KYC performance and productivity throughout your organization

Graphyte covers all the bases, providing integrated access to high-performance, AI-driven risk assessments and investigation tools throughout the full spectrum of risk mitigation use cases. 

APIs, applications, and algorithms add value from onboarding to SAR submission

Comprehensive coverage of external data, searched in real-time

Seamless integration with leading case management platforms

Financial Services Use Cases

icon for Watchlist Screening
Watchlist Screening

Real-time search using data science-powered name matching against a comprehensive array of watchlists and sanctions lists.

icon for Adverse Media Screening
Adverse Media Screening

Graphyte’s accuracy and scalability lets you perform truly continuous monitoring across your customer base.

icon for Investigations

Automation using Graphyte enables 40% productivity gains, plus process and reporting consistency.

icon for Credit Risk
Credit Risk

Graphyte enables continuous monitoring of real-time data that provides early, predictive warnings of financial stress and crime.

Graphyte provides accurate risk assessments that let you zero-in on real risks.

Graphyte APIs and web applications provide the only platform you need to make risk screening and investigations more impactful throughout your organization. 

  • Comprehensive data coverage
  • Mature, proven data science
  • Best-in-class risk assessment accuracy
  • Modern investigation tools
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