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Webinar Series

The Risk Lab

Essential Guidance for Risk Management Teams

The Risk Lab webinar series provides risk management teams with cutting-edge insights, tools, and strategies to navigate today’s complex business landscape effectively. Led by industry experts, these sessions cover a wide range of topics including risk identification, assessment, and mitigation. Attendees gain access to invaluable knowledge, practical guidance, and networking opportunities, enhancing their skills and enabling them to address evolving challenges proactively.



In this exclusive session,  Scott Nathan, Managing Director, Global Head of AML Detection and Customer Insights at Citi, and Graham Bailey, COO at Quantifind, discussed key payment trends in 2024, challenges in detecting risk in payments, the flaws in traditional surveillance methods, and how a proven approach to risk analytics can change everything.

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In this webinar, Kimberly Donovan, Director at Economic Statecraft Initiative, Graham Bailey, COO at Quantifind, and Michael Hoeschele, Senior Product Manager at Quantifind discuss the complexities of adversarial capital, its impact on Gov (DIB), Industry (IP), FIs (regulations), and demonstrate how technology can improve the detection of Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence (FOCI).

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Join the first webinar on March 12th, 8:30 am PT/ 11:30 am ET for a timely discussion with Graham Bailey, COO at Quantifind, Jim Richards, Founder of RegTech Consulting, and Annalisa Camarillo, EVP of Marketing at Quantifind, as they provide insights on the 2024 expectations around #beneficialownership and the CorporateTrasnparencyAct (CTA), analyze CTA provisions, and demonstrate ways to leverage technology to achieve proactive compliance.

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