The Graphyte™ Anti-Financial Crimes Automation Platform

Graphyte is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that provides a single point of entry for all external data that might be relevant in a financial crime investigation. It includes GraphyteSearch, an investigator user interface; GraphyteAPI, which provides functions for on-demand, synchronous interface; and GraphyteBatch, an API for asynchronous batch processing of inquiry requests.

Machine learning intelligence and data curation automation enables a consolidated view of external risk exposure with each search. Graphyte processes every name on every AML case as it is created, leaving a digital dossier on the investigator’s virtual desk before the case is even opened. Investigators save 40% of their time and regulators see a consistent report, every time.

End-to-End Automation

Seamless Case Manager Integration

Delivered as Subscription-Based SaaS

Data Security and Privacy

Graphyte Platform


A Real-Time Search Application

Built for the financial crimes investigator, GraphyteSearch applies AI to external data to reduce false positives, automatically discover risk factors, and algorithmically build a related entity graph.

Comprehensive Coverage of External Data

Dozens of English and native foreign language sources inform on any person or business of interest. Raw search results are processed through Graphyte’s engine to assess both accuracy and relevancy.

State-of-the-Art Entity Resolution Methods

Highlight results with 90+% accuracy; leverage individual machine learning models, each aligned with a known fraud, money laundering, or other risk typology and identifying specific risk factors.

The Process Completes in Seconds, Not Hours

Graphyte is a game-changer in terms of investigative efficiency and consistency.

Investigations Platform
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  • Focus on What Matters
    Results are automatically filtered and sorted for accuracy and relevance – no more paging through lists of false positive matches and irrelevant information.
  • Expand Your Search in One Click
    Automatically scan across a broad range of public and online data, including online news sources, company registration data, and leaks databases.
  • Know Your Customers’ Customers
    Seed a query with as little information as a name to discover risk factors on transaction counterparties and other non-customers.
  • Risk Exposure Through Associates
    Discover the related entity graph for an individual or business that is surfaced from across the external data. Results are rank ordered for risk and relevancy.
  • Verify Beneficial Ownership
    Proactively conduct your own verification of Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) when risk exposure is high, anchoring on verified public data.

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GraphyteAPI responds to a query including a name and metadata with on-demand, synchronous access to risk assessments. The response includes deep links that allow continued investigation within the GraphyteSearch user interface.

Batch Search API


GraphyteBatch is an API that provides the ability to submit large numbers of queries at once. These queries can be used to prioritize cases by risk, such as to clear a backlog.

Entities API

Data sources – adverse media, registrations, watchlists, and more

  • Deep archive of global online news, including foreign language
  • Programmatic search engines
  • Public and private company corporate profiles
  • Legal entity registrations (130+ jurisdictions worldwide)
  • Federal law enforcement news: US DoJ, CAN RCMP, etc.
  • Financial regulatory statements: US SEC, UK FCA, HK SFA, etc.
  • Global sanctions and blacklists
  • Global politically exposed persons (PEP) lists
  • Offshore leaks databases including Panama Papers
  • Online public personally identifying information
Data Alerts

Case manager integration

Graphyte complements an AML or other case management platform implementation with one-click access to linked external data. The integrated capability allows investigators to stay anchored in one platform with access to all of the data needed to conduct a true 360° risk assessment.

Graphyte has pre-built integrations for market-leading AML case management platforms including:

  • On-demand link-out to the GraphyteSearch web application, automatically populating the search parameters and initiating the search
  • On-demand risk assessments directly in the case manager, driven by GraphyteAPI
  • Prepopulated risk assessments for all case subjects, driven by an overnight batch processing
Case Manager Integration

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