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Use Case

Watchlist and Sanctions Screening

The accuracy of Graphyte’s AI-powered name matching and entity resolution reduces false positives by 75% and drives significant efficiencies in screening and investigations.

AI-powered name matching accuracy

Name science-driven entity resolution for substantially fewer false positives

Search in real-time

No manually curated lists or storage of sensitive data

Pushed alerts on new sanctions activity

Get alerts in real time on relevant sanctions activity


False positives are bogging down watchlist and sanctions screening efforts.

Using yesterday’s algorithms on yesterday’s data is not the best way to perform screening. Fuzzy matching and string distance algorithms are inadequate for achieving necessary name matching accuracy and using data that relies on manual curation can lead to delayed detection.

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Reduce false positives

Quantifind specializes in name science algorithms for global name rarity and variants that achieve name matching performance that is far beyond that achievable with approaches that rely on simple fuzzy matching and string distance algorithms.

Leverage name science

Go beyond simple algorithms to improve performance

Free up investigators

Let them focus their talents on real risks.

Use reliable data

Quantifind provides comprehensive coverage of global watchlists and sanctions lists that are always up to date, with no reliance on manual curation processes that can result in search of outdated data.

Comprehensive coverage

Thousands of global lists, always up-to-date.

Real-time search

No reliance on curated data.

Powerful tools and APIs

Graphyte includes advanced investigation applications that deliver yet another layer of productivity improvements by ensuring that analysts can work efficiently and within their familiar environment.

Off-the-shelf integrations

Analysts can work within their case manager.

Feature-rich applications

Smoother workflow and automated reporting.

Using Graphyte ensures a holistic approach to watchlist screening, with a platform that can be used to optimize risk screening and investigation performance across a range of applications.

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Graphyte is a pure-SaaS solution that applies real-time search of a comprehensive array of watchlists and sanctions lists using AI-powered name matching. The accuracy achieved enables reliable watchlist screening and a substantial reduction in false positives for more efficient investigations.


Purpose-built web-based investigation application with consumer-grade user experience


Synchronous risk assessments on-demand, with deep links to GraphyteSearch

GraphyteBatch API

High-volume risk assessments that can be ranked and prioritized

Benefits of Graphyte
for Watchlist and
Sanctions Screening

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icon for Comprehensive list coverage
Comprehensive list coverage

Thousands of watchlist and sanctions lists

icon for Search real-time data
Search real-time data

No reliance on proprietary, curated data

icon for Name science-powered accuracy
Name science-powered accuracy

Performance beyond elementary fuzzy matching

icon for Seamless integration
Seamless integration

REST APIs enhance existing infrastructure