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Women in Risk:

Working for the world as it should be



Unite women countering risk in finance, government, and technology to accelerate career growth and increase our ability to reduce financial crime risks.

The Women in Risk initiative, aptly named WIRE (women in risk: enlightened, empowered, elevated), is a grassroots collective started by leaders at Quantifind in partnership with leaders at Truist, Everbank, and Fifth Third.


Annalisa Camarillo

EVP, Marketing, Quantifind

Jen Roy

Senior Director of Federal Business Development, Quantifind

Chrissy Park

Senior Director of Product, Quantifind

Heather Allen

Deputy Director Financial Crimes, SVP, Truist

Susan Silcox

Sr. Director – Financial Crimes Systems & Analysis, Everbank

Natalie Navratil

VP, FIU Governance & Reporting Manager, Fifth Third Bank

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We invite current and future executive women in risk management positions from global or local financial services, government, or non-profit organizations.

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Historical Sources of Inspiration

Joanne Pierce Misko

Joanne Pierce Misko grew up in Niagara Falls, New York, the daughter and sister of police officers. Out of college, Pierce entered the convent of the Sisters of Mercy in Buffalo, New York, where she taught middle and high school students for 10 years until she left the convent to become one of the first women special agents for the FBI.

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover had a firm rule: only men could be special agents in the FBI. But that rule changed shortly after his death in May 1972, paving the way for the first female modern Special Agents. Misko joined the FBI as a researcher at the Training Academy in 1970, but when Acting FBI Director L. Patrick Gray opened the special agent position to females in 1972, Misko’s supervisor asked if she had any interest in applying. “Absolutely, I would be interested,” Misko said. The head of the Training Division met with Misko to explain what it would be like and asked her if she was absolutely sure about it.

Joanne Pierce Misko