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Use Case

Defense & Intelligence

Graphyte assists intel analysts by fusing open source data sets (from foreign news to sanctions lists) into a knowledge graph of persons and organizations, with model-driven risk assessments to enable multiple mission-critical use cases.

Comprehensive open source data coverage

Customizable datasets and risk typologies

Modern, feature-rich investigation applications

Clear provenance and reporting


Risky entities and their international networks can be profoundly complex.

Open source data and intelligence (OSINT) is critical to investigations, and particularly for connecting the dots between people and organizations. But using generic search tools like Google and static, inconsistent risk models makes it difficult to assemble information into a cohesive, consistent, sharable vision of a network.  Many solutions are over-designed to a specific threat and miss the bigger picture, where crimes, and their underlying networks, are inexorably correlated.

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Automated OSINT, entity risk, and network analysis

Graphyte leverages AI-powered entity resolution and knowledge graphs to automatically generate accurate open source intelligence (OSINT) and insights about entity risk and relationship networks

Highly accurate entity resolution and entity risk assessment

Deep relationship detection and analysis

Dynamic, configurable risk typologies

Consistent, streamlined analysis and reporting

Graphyte adds consistency, transparency, and standardization of analysis models and processes, which makes results more meaningful and reliable.

Modern, intuitive investigation applications

Customizable data sources and risk typologies

Automated report generation and alerting

Graphyte integrates seamlessly to add public data exploration into your existing investigations environment and workflows

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Alerts can be sent to Graphyte via API, which initiates a search throughout a comprehensive list of data sources and includes programmatic searches.  Resulting risk assessments are pre-populated in the case manager, where they can be queued and prioritized by risk.  Deep links let the investigator process and report on each alert in GraphyteSearch; they can pursue other lines of search, such as related entities, in the same analysis and reporting session.


Purpose-built web-based investigation application with consumer-grade user experience


Synchronous risk assessments on-demand, with deep links to GraphyteSearch

GraphyteBatch API

High-volume risk assessments that can be ranked and prioritized

Benefits of
Graphyte for Defense & Intelligence

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icon for Best-in-class risk assessment accuracy
Best-in-class risk assessment accuracy

Graphyte’s impact on investigation productivity is a direct result of the completeness of its data and model-driven accuracy of its risk assessments

icon for Granular, dynamic risk typologies
Granular, dynamic risk typologies

Target specific types of risks, with threat models based upon standardized definitions and training data sets to facilitate consistent, government-wide threat detection

icon for Purpose-built investigation application
Purpose-built investigation application

GraphyteSearch puts all the data and useful features in a single web-based application, enabling consistent and efficient investigations

icon for Advanced relationship analysis
Advanced relationship analysis

Powerful knowledge graph technology is used to reveal otherwise hidden relationships between individuals and entities.

icon for Customizable data sources
Customizable data sources

Organizations can incorporate custom, proprietary data into Graphyte’s knowledge graphs and analytics.

icon for Sharable entity intel
Sharable entity intel

Risk signals and alerts based on public, open source data that can be shared across organizations