Improved Graphyte Solution Will Intelligently Link Open Source Data into a Knowledge Graph for Risk and Threat Management

MENLO PARK, Calif., March 31, 2021  — Quantifind, a provider of a SaaS platform used to automate financial crimes investigations and screening, announced that it received a contract from the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), an organization within the U.S. Department of Defense. The contract will accelerate development of Quantifind’s risk assessment capabilities beyond financial crimes, while also funding development of its knowledge graph technology to intelligently link vast amounts of complex structured and unstructured data into a single integrated framework.

Organizations throughout government and industry are regularly exposed to risks associated with particular individuals, companies, and their networks, but the information connecting these entities is often scattered across a large array of data sources. Quantifind’s platform integrates a rich trove of open source and proprietary data and leverages AI to perform entity linking and risk detection at scale. It can efficiently identify those data records most likely to refer to an entity of interest and discover signals indicating a variety of risk factors.

“Having established Quantifind’s technology in the banking world, we’re excited to partner with DIU to address the government vertical,” said John Stockton, Quantifind Co-Founder and public sector projects lead. “Fighting malign activity has always been a joint public and private effort, so we think of this initiative as a natural extension of our prior work, and we anticipate significant development alignment between the verticals. Our platform can be quickly configured for defense and law enforcement use cases with customized data sets and risks, and the graph technology that we are building will unlock much more powerful versions of what we do today, resulting in ‘forest versus trees’ types of insights.”

Quantifind’s GraphyteSearch™ product responds to name queries in real-time with identity match confidence levels and signals of risk, including money laundering and fraud. The new knowledge graph, developed in partnership with DIU, will pre-compute entity links, relationships, metadata, and risks into a single schema, unifying data sets as distinct as structured corporate registrations and unstructured text from news articles. The integrated graph and underlying machine learning models will automate the production of insights to populate the intelligence collection funnel, with alerts based on graph algorithms including pathfinding, network identification, and anomaly detection. For more information, email Quantifind at

About the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU)

DIU strengthens national security by accelerating the adoption of commercial technology throughout the military and growing the national security innovation base. DIU partners with organizations across the Department of Defense (DoD) and is the only DoD organization focused exclusively on fielding and scaling commercial technology across the U.S. military at commercial speeds. With offices in Silicon Valley, Boston, Austin, and the Pentagon, DIU is focused on six technology areas where the commercial sector is operating at the leading edge: advanced energy & materials, artificial intelligence, autonomy, cyber, human systems, and space. Learn more at

About Quantifind

Quantifind was founded in 2009 upon pioneering work building machine learning technology to discover meaningful patterns across large, disparate, unstructured datasets. Through continued growth in multiple industries, Quantifind built a SaaS platform to address financial risk management and anti-money laundering by helping banks improve the efficiency of their AML investigations. Today, Quantifind’s platform embodies over a decade of R&D and deployment experience in machine learning, natural language processing, risk modeling, name science, and entity resolution, and is helping many large financial institutions and public sector agencies to combat crime. Its success is rooted in its fusion of science with design; machine learning innovations with intuitive, feature-rich web applications and APIs.

Quantifind is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, with teams in Boston, Washington D.C., and New York City. Learn more about Quantifind and request a demo at