No one discovers signals from disparate, unstructured data like Quantifind. Here’s what makes us different.

data diversity

We meaningfully integrate diverse data sets. From internal data, into which you’ve heavily invested tracking, to external data about your competitors and the broader world. From structured financial data to volumes of unstructured text.

data signals

Our battle-hardened machine learning models are trained over critical performance metrics—typically financial—to slash away the bulk of noisy data, prioritize the signals that are most important, and discover the unknown unknowns.

actionable data

Our AI helps users discover everything from predictive indicators of financial crime to true drivers of restaurant visits and media consumption behaviors. These applications are designed to lead directly to actionable insights, discover new threats and drive revenue.

In short, we’re not a typical insights company that regurgitates noise from data silos, leaving it up to you to figure out what’s important. Quantifind productizes real data science to drive business outcomes.