Automate Investigations
with Confidence

Financial Crimes Risk Management,
Driven by Machine Intelligence

The Graphyte™ Platform


Quantifind’s data analytics platform has been used for over a decade by governments and Fortune 50 companies to gain insights from a comprehensive array of public sources.

Its success is rooted in its fusion of science with design; machine learning innovations with intuitive, feature-rich web applications and APIs.

Today, Graphyte is used to combat financial crime risk. Its accuracy and features enable our customers to improve the efficiency of their AML investigations by 40% or more.

PRESS RELEASE – Quantifind Awarded Department of Defense Contract to Enhance Its AI-Powered Investigations Platform

Not Just Negative News

Corporate data, law enforcement, regulatory, registrations, leaks, PEPs, sanctions, enforcement actions, barred and banned lists, and social media.

Automation from End-to-End

Quantifind technology is leveraged throughout the investigation workflow to gain efficiencies in every step of the process.

Investigators Can Stop Googling

A powerful web application with a consumer-grade UX lets investigators find what they’re looking for fast.

Focus On What Matters

Eliminate noise from search results to focus on actionable information indicative of real risk.

100% SaaS Solution

State-of-the-art subscription-based software as a service, designed from the ground up for data security, privacy, governance, and easy configuration.

Seamless Case Manager Integration

APIs, deep links, and packaged risk summaries that allow investigators to work within their familiar environments and existing systems.

Elimination of Alert Backlogs

Batch-screen the alert backlog to identify the riskiest entities with the highest degree of confidence in evidence, all in a matter of minutes.

Non-English Language Support

AI-driven Spanish, French, and Chinese language compatibility substantially expands the breadth of risk intelligence.



The Graphyte Platform


A user-friendly, browser-based investigation application, with detailed results and reporting about a query subject and related entities.


A web service that returns risk information in response to a query, with deep links that initiate a GraphyteSearch session.


A web service that returns risk information and deep links for a batch of inquiries that can be listed in a sortable queue.




A single point of entry for all of the relevant external data for a financial crime investigation.

Alerts Triage

Risk-based automation of alerts triage and prioritization.

Customer Due Diligence

Predictive risk typology models that inform profiling and segmentation upon onboarding.

Quantifind Solutions

“In separating AI hype from reality, Quantifind falls squarely on the side of reality. Quantifind has reduced AI to a practice for enhancing operational efficiencies while consistently finding the hidden signals.”

Christopher Peretta
former Chief of Information Officer, State Street Corporation
former Chief Information Officer, MUFG Americas

“Quantifind is leading in fraud and AML intelligence, with careful attention to solving the business need to simultaneously drive effectiveness and efficiency. The Quantifind solution is critical for an industry that is seeing rampant cost growth and increasing bad actor sophistication.”

Steven Katz
former Chief Information Security Officer, Citigroup

“Quantifind’s technologies offer financial institutions a beacon of hope: a legitimate opportunity to provide more timely and effective intelligence to law enforcement – the ultimate goal of the AML/CTF regimes – while more effectively and efficiently managing their regulatory compliance obligations.”

Jim Richards
former BSA Officer, Wells Fargo & Company

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