Financial Crimes Intelligence Automation

Quantifind enables financial crimes analysts and investigators to make better decisions, faster, with intelligent automation.

“In 2019, the FBI provided Quantifind limited information that it had developed related to a case, and requested that Quantifind conduct research on the subject to identify new leads. Using this limited set of data, Quantifind applied their proprietary technology to identify evidence possibly linking the subject to an organization that had previously been indicted by the Department of Justice for engaging in similar activity. The FBI was not previously aware of a link between the subject and this organization, and this connection allowed the FBI to pursue an entirely new investigative path involving several actionable leads. The research Quantifind did helped the FBI gain a more robust understanding of the subject's activities and associates, and the FBI found the research to be highly valuable.”

- Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigations


Quantifind for Investigations provides a single point of entry for all of the external data that might be relevant in a financial crimes investigation. Machine learning intelligence and data curation automation enables a consolidated view of external risk exposure with each search. Investigators save 30% of their time and regulators see a consistent report, every time.  
Quantifind for Investigations is accessed either through API or a web-based UI and integrates directly with most case management platforms. For the enterprise, Quantifind processes every name on every AML Case as it is created, leaving a digital dossier on the Investigator’s virtual desk before the Case is even opened.
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Alerts Management

Triage alerts on a risk basis to help manage a growing business
Alerts Management
Quantifind for Alerts Management helps to manage a growing business with automated AML alerts triage. Every AML alert is risk-rated and categorized based on comprehensive reviews of both the details of the alert itself and the external exposure of the entities involved. Alerts with high SAR likelihood are fast-tracked to Case, low risk alerts are hibernated, and investigators spend more time on the things that matter the most.  
Quantifind for Alerts Management is enabled by a suite of application interfaces purpose-built for today’s AML analyst. A configurable dashboard enables aggregate analysis and reporting, while stack workflow views enable drill-down from a lineup of the day’s alerts down to risks on individual subjects.

Customer Due Diligence

Automate your Enhanced Due Diligence to manage risks & prevent fraud
Customer Due Diligence
Quantifind’s Customer Due Diligence solution uses a unique combination of external data sources and predictive risk typology models to inform profiling and segmentation at on-boarding. Broad data access expands the coverage of CDD reviews to better manage reputational risk and fraud loss, while machine learning models for accuracy and relevancy help ensure that on-going CDD alerts are on-target.  
Quantifind for Customer Due Diligence scans for information in the public domain and summarizes results either over API or through a UI. End-to-end automation enables speed and scale in the implementation, making even continuous surveillance a possibility.

Foundation of Quantifind A.I.

  • Over 20 billion unstructured comments and 1 billion entities acquired over 10 years
  • An ecosystem of data partners providing on-demand access to many billions more
  • Broad and deep coverage of online sources from global news to social media to complaints boards and discussions forums
  • Standard and non-standard lists of criminals and exposed entities sourced directly
  • Patented information storage and retrieval technology optimized for textual data
  • Automated systems for screening tens of thousands of explicit and latent features for predictive risk factors
  • Internal/external record linkage and entity resolution at unprecedented speed, scale and performance
  • State-of-the-art browser-based interactive tools for investigative workflow automation
Secure Hosting
  • State-of-the-art hosted solution utilizing best-in-breed security and governance technology
  • Rapid instantiation of dedicated cloud infrastructure ensures customers are up and running as fast as possible with a cost-effective, secure solution
  • Secure SSAE 16 Type II data center with biometric controls and built-in disaster recovery

Quantifind for Financial Institutions

signal extraction across internal and external data

External Data

Global News
Social Media
Blogs & Forums
Company Data
Sanctions and
Criminal Lists
Leaks Databases

Internal Data

Fraud Alerts
Case Narratives
Ethics Hotline
Employee Emails
CIP Data
Applications and Contracts

Predictive Data Modeling

SaaS Suite
Multi-User, Always-On, Secure Applications, Intuitive Data Visualizations, Downloads
Model Testing and Validation, Custom Analysis and Reporting  

Business Use Cases

Identify emergent signals of risk

Assign risk in the workflow

Report trends across the enterprise