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Automation using Graphyte enables 40% productivity gains and process consistency, thanks to comprehensive external data, best-in-class risk assessment accuracy, and modern investigation tools

All-in-One Application

A single investigation application for all analysis and reporting

Risk-Ranked Results

Automated prioritization of the riskiest cases

Seamless Integration

Work within familiar environment and workflow


Resolving low-risk alerts is a growing burden for investigators.

Trudging through hundreds of low-risk alerts every day using dubious information from lots of different applications and generic search tools like Google makes it difficult to get a clear picture of risk and make escalation decisions efficiently.

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Focus on real risks

Automated L1 decisions lets investigators cut out the noise, prioritize their work, and simplify their workflow so that investigators can be focused on identifying and reporting on real risks.

Prioritize by risk

Alerts ranked and prioritized by risk level

Avoid distraction

Only accurate, relevant information is presented

Advanced Analytics

Entity resolution and relationship analysis performed across all sources

Streamlined, Consistent Processes

Automation is incorporated seamlessly into existing workflows to add consistency to alert prioritization, analysis processes, and reporting to make work more efficient and results more meaningful and reliable.

AI-driven consistency

Processes are driven by data, not analysts

Intuitive workflows

Streamlined analysis and investigation processes

Reporting automation

Consistent reporting across all sources at once

Graphyte integrates seamlessly into your existing investigations environment and workflows wherever better insights to risks are needed.

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Transaction alerts are sent to Graphyte via API, which initiates a search throughout a comprehensive list of data sources and includes programmatic searches. Resulting risk assessments are pre-populated in the case manager, where they can be queued and prioritized by risk. Deep links let the investigator process and report on each alert in GraphyteSearch; they can pursue other lines of search, such as related entities, in the same analysis and reporting session.


Purpose-built web-based investigation application with consumer-grade user experience


Synchronous risk assessments on-demand, with deep links to GraphyteSearch


High-volume risk assessments that can be ranked and prioritized

Benefits of
Graphyte for Investigations

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icon for Best-in-class risk assessment accuracy
Best-in-class risk assessment accuracy

Graphyte’s impact on productivity is a direct result of the accuracy and completeness of its risk assessments

icon for 40% productivity gains
40% productivity gains

Graphyte users are seeing dramatic improvements in the productivity and effectiveness of their investigations teams

icon for Easy to deploy
Easy to deploy

A pure-SaaS solution makes it easy to deploy and maintain across a large, dispersed team of investigators

icon for Lower burnout
Lower burnout

A consumer-grade user experience, with convenient features and intuitive workflows makes for a more productive and rewarding experience for investigators