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Automate Identity Intelligence with OSINT at Scale

Quantifind’s Graphyte platform supports intelligence analysts in law enforcement and defense, within a single integrated system. It mines vast troves of open source data to automate identity intelligence (I2), threat assessments, and knowledge graph creation, revealing the bad actors and networks of influence behind malign activities, domestic and foreign.

Mission-focused identity intelligence using machine learning

Public Sector

Quantifind was selected by the DoD and other US Government entities over 100 alternatives to create a single investigation platform for a range of use cases, from disrupting domestic threat networks to mapping foreign malign influence. Quantifind has over a decade’s worth of large-scale engagements and R&D in machine learning, natural language processing, risk modeling, entity resolution, and knowledge graph generation.

Configurable risk factors

Support for custom risk and threat typologies

Configurable data sets

Select the subset of feeds that are compliant and relevant to the mission

Foreign language support

Accurate search of native foreign language content, including Chinese

Secure, private, and responsible

No storage of sensitive personal information and transparent, explainable AI. Zero footprint.

“Forest versus trees” revelations for mission-critical capabilities

The Graphyte platform integrates a rich trove of open source and proprietary data and leverages AI to perform entity linking and risk detection at scale. It can efficiently identify those data records most likely to refer to an entity of interest and discover signals indicating a variety of risk factors. 

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Consolidation of publicly available information (PAI) and commercially available information (CAI)
Pre-computed entity links, relationships, metadata, and risks into a single graph schema
Specific risk models for threats ranging from human trafficking to corruption to illicit foreign state relationships
Automated production of insights to populate intelligence collection funnels
Alerts based on graph algorithms including pathfinding (risk relationships), network identification, and anomaly detection
Continuous batch monitoring of target watchlists
Efficient, user centric design of one-stop shop investigations interface, with compliant exportable reporting
Discover additional metadata and identifiers: aliases, handles, addresses, relationships

Your mission-critical
investigations warrant a
best-of-breed solution.

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Detect Criminal Networks

Use the knowledge graph to discover clusters and otherwise hidden connections to plan more efficient intervention strategies.

Reveal Foreign State Relationships

Determine when persons or organizations possess ties to foriegn state adversaries.

Screen for Supply Chain and Vendor Risk

Make sure that mission-critical budgets and responsibilities are not placed in the hands of malign actors or adversaries.

Deanonymization of Hidden Organizations

Discover the true influence networks behind malign activities by revealing shell company ownership, asset ownership, and beneficial ownership.

Investigate and Report Efficiently

Use a modern, purpose-built investigation application. Let highly-trained intelligence analysts spend their time doing what they were trained for: applying their domain expertise.

Discover Additional Metadata and Missing Links

Discover additional identifiers, locations, and connections on open source data that can then be leveraged to enrich investigations on high-side systems.

Tip and Cue

Use Quantifind to find public, legal, and usable evidentiary information after receiving tips from other intelligence sources.

Enrich Entities in Other Platforms

Use GraphyteAPI to enrich entities in other mission-specific applications. You can “light up” the names of persons and organizations with risk signals in other purpose-built UI’s.

Dynamic Alerting and Batch Monitoring

“Speed read” all open source intelligence and only be alerted when there is new information on target entities of interest, anomalous behavior, or new players in a criminal network.

Public Sector Use Cases

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icon for Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement

Exhaustive data sources, powerful relationship analytics technology, and a modern, consumer-grade web application purpose-built for investigations.

icon for Defense & Intelligence
Defense & Intelligence

Graphyte leverages entity resolution and knowledge graphs to help investigators generate accurate open source intelligence (OSINT) and insights about risky entities and their relationships.