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About Us

Ari Tuchman and John Stockton met as fellow quantum physicists with a mutual passion for extracting signals from data, and together founded Quantifind in 2009. Their pioneering work involved building machine learning technology to discover meaningful patterns across large, disparate, unstructured datasets.

Quantifind’s first project brought structure to unstructured data, extracting trends from a vast library of scientific literature. Their early success was followed by the pursuit of opportunities in defense, finding illicit patterns across disconnected data sources.

Quantifind also began applying its technology to discover patterns and novel features in social media data for large consumer-facing brands; first for movie studios and then consumer goods, restaurants, and sports brands.

Through continued growth, Quantifind built a SaaS platform to address financial risk management and anti-money laundering by helping banks improve the efficiency of their AML investigations. It replaced out-of-date tools that lacked the data coverage, accuracy, and features that investigators needed to be effective as transaction volume grew.

Today, Quantifind’s Graphyte™ platform embodies over a decade of R&D and deployment experience in machine learning, natural language processing, risk modeling, name science, and entity resolution, and is helping many large financial institutions and law enforcement agencies to combat financial risk and crime.

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