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Platform Engineer

Menlo Park, CA

Who You Are

You care deeply about your work and its impact on the work your team does. You hold yourself to a high standard when it comes to writing clean, performant, and maintainable code that powers well-designed microservices and enhances Quantifind’s distributed data platform. You work well with cross-functional teams that include Data Scientists, DevOps Engineers, Front-end Engineers and Product Managers. You are constantly being proactive in finding new ways to improve the design, performance, and testing of the software that you build. You can effectively juggle immediate competing priorities while taking the long view to figure out how to build a bigger and better company and culture. You value the security of a company with a proven business model and enjoy the opportunities a startup offers.

Who We Are

Quantifind is a uniquely positioned data science and human insights company. We use Machine Learning to empower our customers to make better decisions by combining their intuition with insights extracted from vast quantities of unstructured data. We offer marketing decision-makers tools to help them better understand their customers' interests and priorities. We are currently building out a new vertical aimed at financial crimes risk management including anti-money laundering (AML) and fraud detection. The clients in this vertical are data-rich and in search of data-driven advantages in their quest to root out criminal behavior. Our advantage is existing science, engineering, and SaaS product capabilities that align very well with the technology needs.

To help you succeed, we provide a supportive environment that fosters collaboration between teams and team members, where learning and professional growth are considered a key part of your success, and of ours. We offer a flexible work environment with a family friendly work-life balance, catered lunches three times a week, and fun team activities to keep you healthy, happy, and stress-free.

What A Great Candidate Looks Like:

  • BS or MS in Computer Science
  • Professional software engineer for at least 2 years with a focus on platform engineering
  • Professional experience at a software startup strongly preferred
  • Technically respected by the other members of the Platform team
  • Great communication skills so you can work directly with our Data Scientists, DevOps Engineers, Front-end Engineers and Product Managers
  • Solid understanding of concurrency and distributed systems
  • Professional experience with Scala and/or Java 8/Java 9
  • You can design and prototype scalable algorithms
  • You can create your own efficient data structures and algorithms when the ones found in open source libraries are lacking
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning techniques and understanding of algorithm complexity and performance implications
  • Experience with Cascading, Apache Spark, and/or general MapReduce technologies
  • Professional experience writing unit tests and automated integration tests
  • Understanding of JVM internals and 2+ years of relevant experience working with code that runs in a JVM
  • Familiarity with storage and caching solutions and the tradeoffs among them (Memcached, Redis, Postgres, etc.)
  • You can build microservices with REST APIs for real-time query engines and web crawlers
  • You know how to set up ETL pipelines for data streams
  • Professional experience working with SQL

The Opportunity We Offer

Quantifind is seeking a Platform Engineer to help define and deliver data services and machine learning infrastructure. We own all the infrastructure that powers the products and solutions we build for our clients. We process terabytes of data each day on our own dedicated MapR clusters. We also use real-time systems to support our interactive products. As a Platform Engineer at Quantifind, you will report to the Director of Platform Engineering, and you and your team will be working closely with our Data Scientists and Front-end Engineers to build a product that finds actionable knowledge for our clients.

We are an equal opportunity employer.  We pride ourselves on living our values. We are curious. We respect each other. We are proactively transparent. We relentlessly solve problems. We win together.

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