About the Company

Quantifind’s mission is to empower people to make better decisions that combine human intuition with the voice of intelligent data. Our on-demand insights platform, Signum, uses explanatory analytics to help marketers explore, understand, and change their impact on revenue. Quantifind’s clients are some of the world’s most recognized brands, spanning industries such as automotive, consumer packaged goods, entertainment, financial services, pharmaceutical, retail, and telecom. Founded by two PhD’s in atomic physics, the company has offices in Silicon Valley, New York, and DC.

Management Team

Our executives have decades of experience delivering world-class data, software, and client solutions to the marketplace.

Ari Tuchman, Ph.D.
CEO and Co-founder

Ari co-founded Quantifind in 2009, with the vision to help brands extract signals predictive of sales from their data. His work on precision measurement and signal processing has distinguished his career – from battlefield MRI to creative messaging for Hollywood movie releases.

John Stockton, Ph.D.

John works alongside a team of data scientists to drive innovation and expansion of Quantifind's core capabilities. His work forms the backbone of our productization of previously esoteric data science.
His prior academic work on high-dimensional information extraction from unstructured data guided the early development of Quantifind.

Jim Harold
Chief Revenue Officer

Jim leads the Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams at Quantifind, responsible for overall growth. He's a natural leader with 20+ years of experience at the intersection of data and SaaS. He joined Quantifind from Acxiom, where he was the Group Vice President of Consumer responsible for a $170+ million business unit. 

Lance Rutter
VP of Design

Lance is responsible for making sure every touchpoint of our brand is thoughtfully crafted. He helps make sure that the interdisciplinary work necessary to create complex software ultimately delivers an experience that delights users. He even designed the interior landscape of our office. Prior to Quantifind, Lance was owner and creative director of a Chicago design studio for 19 years. 

Jens Tellefsen
VP of Product

Jens is the hands-on lead builder of our products. His vision of our platform permeates the company. He brings 20+ years of experience to Quantifind in enterprise software. Before joining Quantifind, he served as a product executive at NetBase Solutions, Vendavo, Callidus Software, and Trilogy. He spent two years at McKinsey & Company advising Fortune 500 companies on corporate strategy.  

Jason Avilio
VP of Corporate Dev & Finance

Jason leads teams responsible for partnerships and compliance. His team is always looking for new ways to diversify Quantifind's data sources. Previously, he served as VP Business and Corporate Development for Efficient Frontier, where he led the acquisitions of Context Optional and Downstream Marketing and led the sale of Efficient Frontier to Adobe. 

Paul Emery
VP of Engineering

Paul leads the company's technical efforts – data science, data infrastructure, and the front-end data visualizations. He sets the schedule and tone for a dynamic team of engineers. He brings 25 years of experience in scaling and managing SaaS application development, Big Data infrastructure, and technical operations at startups in addition to publicly-traded software companies.

Madeleine Freind
VP of Customer Success

Madeleine’s vital role ensures that all Quantifind clients achieve their desired outcomes through their interactions with our company and our products. She has a track record of successfully building and training top-notch client services teams within some of the best agencies in the industry such as Digitas, Organic, Ogilvy, and Rosetta.

Board of Directors

Ari Tuchman, Ph.D.
Co-founder and CEO, Quantifind
John Stockton, Ph.D.
Co-founder, Quantifind
David Karnstedt

David served as the CEO of Quantifind from 2015 to the beginning of 2017, before returning to the board. Prior to leading Quantifind, David worked as the SVP of Media and Advertising Solutions at Adobe — leading the company’s global digital marketing efforts. Before Adobe, David was CEO and President of Efficient Frontier (acquired by Adobe in January 2012), where he was responsible for the company’s overall strategy and operations. David has also served as EIR at Redpoint Ventures.

John Walecka
Partner, Redpoint Ventures

John Walecka is a Partner at Redpoint Ventures and is passionate about companies with disruptive products and innovative business models. John is very active in Redpoint’s investment efforts around companies using big data insights to create new business applications. He also serves on the board at Datameer, Lastline Security, Moogsoft, InterMolecular, and Avnera.

Joseph Grundfest
Professor, Stanford Law School

Joseph A. Grundfest is a Professor of Law and Business at Stanford Law School. He’s an expert on capital markets, corporate governance, and securities litigation. His scholarship has been published in the Harvard, Yale, and Stanford law reviews. Joe is also a senior faculty member with the Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Center for Corporate Governance, a co-founder and director of Financial Engines, and a director of Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts & Co. 

Amy Banse
Managing Director and Head of Funds for Comcast Ventures

Amy Banse is Managing Director and Head of Funds for Comcast Ventures and leads strategy for the fund as it determines how best to support its portfolio companies through the Comcast/NBCUniversal platform. Amy has 20+ years of experience starting and building companies at Comcast. Amy was the founder of Comcast’s digital media division, Comcast Interactive Media (CIM), andestablished Comcast’s cross-platform product strategy.

Steve Krausz
General Partner, US Venture Partners

Steve Krausz has 30+ years of venture capital experience. Steve has led or co-led USVP’s investments in Trusteer (acquired by IBM), Guidewire Software (IPO), Xylan (IPO), Epic Design (IPO), New Focus (IPO), Savings.com (acquired by Cox Target Media), Vontu (acquired by Symantec), Verity (IPO),  CipherTrust (acquired by Secure Computing) and other great companies. Steve currently serves on the boards of Active-Semi, Appthority, Box (NYSE: BOX), Cato Networks, Electric Cloud, Exablox, Inside Sales (observer), Kaiam, Megapath, and Prevoty. 

Denis Barrier
Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Cathay Innovation

Prior to joining Cathay in 2015, Denis was a Partner at Iris Capital, Head of Corporate Venture at Orange, and Managing Partner at Innovacom, he oversaw the development of both Orange and Publicis’ venture capital activities. Prior to that, Denis worked as an officer at APE, the agency managing the French state’s holdings within the French Treasury, in charge of the areas of aerospace and defence.


Quantifind is proud to be backed by investors such as AME Cloud Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Cathay Innovation, Comcast Ventures, Iris Capital, Redpoint Ventures, and U.S. Venture Partners.

AME Cloud Ventures is the venture fund led by Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo! AME Cloud Ventures focuses on seed to later stage companies building infrastructure and value chains around data. 

AME Cloud Ventures
Andreessen Horowitz

Andreessen Horowitz is a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm with $4B under management. The firm invests in entrepreneurs building companies at every stage: from seed to growth.

Cathay Innovation

Cathay Innovation is a global venture capital fund, created in affiliation with Cathay Capital Private Equity. It was founded around the shared conviction that supporting digital entrepreneurs by providing them with a platform bridging 3 continents: North America, Europe and China.

Comcast Ventures

Comcast Ventures is the private venture capital affiliate of Comcast Corporation. It consists of the recently combined Comcast Interactive Capital and NBCUniversal Peacock Equity Fund. 

Iris Capital

Iris Capital is a leading pan-European venture capital investor specialized in digital economy. Founded in 1986 in Paris, the Iris Capital team has invested over 900 million euros in more than 200 innovative companies.

Redpoint Ventures

Since 1999, the Redpoint team has been partnering with visionary founders who create new markets or redefine existing ones. From the earliest stages, Redpoint has supported HomeAway, Fortinet, Heroku, Netflix, and TIVO among others.

Since 1981, USVP has invested over $2.7B in more than 450 companies, which in turn have created more than 100,000 jobs. USVP continues to invest consistently, through good and bad times, taking a long view to building corporate value. 


Team Quantifind

Tim Roche
Ryan LeCompte
Jen Liu
Data Science
Andrew Steele
Danny Howard
Adam Henderson
Data Science
Malcolm De Leo
Hui Zhao
Data Science
Toula Thomas
Erin Jennings
Sejal Pachishia
Susan Griffin
Carly Gessin
Anoush Alexanian
Peter Beck
Customer Success
Adrien Cahen
Josh Cartmell
Mike Kreisel
Data Science
Arman Sayani
Customer Success
Chloe Lepert
Shravan Narayen
Harold Poskanzer
Rachel Patin
Natalya Samee
Customer Success
HJ Kim
Customer Success
Lilly Kem
Grant Davis
Josh Anish
Nachum Plonka
Data Science
Peiyun Zhu
Data Science
Ariel Lim
Divya Nair
Customer Success
Graham Enos
Data Science
Jessi Stafford
Yekun Wang
Adam Mulliken
Ashin Mukherjee
Data Science
Ben Trahan
Data Science
Suya Xu
Chris McNatt
Sivaram Sukumar
Client Success
Robert Bertsche
Druhin Goel
Arjun Puri
Reed Williams
Kyle Basu
Eric McDermid
Robert Burkhardt
Veronica Peterson
Jenn Jorgl
Andrew Alotis
Prithwish Bhaumik
Data Science
Justin Brousseau