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Fusion Chains

The Next Evolution in FinCrime Prevention Beyond Fusion Centers

On this unique episode of the Financial CrimeCast, join Quantifind’s Chief Operating Officer, Graham Bailey and ACFCS VP of Product Development, Brian Kindle, as Graham explores the next evolution in financial crime compliance and unveils the concept of the fusion chain. He’ll give insights on where the fincrime compliance industry is heading, and what three tools combined will allow the AML and fincrime world to tackle its complex challenges at scale.

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For many financial institutions, the dream of a single unit to combat financial crime – a team that would combine expertise, data and intelligence across departments and compliance functions – has become a reality. The financial crime “fusion center” model has proven successful at breaking down silos and producing better intel for law enforcement, and while progress has been slow and halting at times, it’s been adopted by institutions around the world.

Now that fusion centers are well-established and battle-tested, what’s next for innovations in financial crime compliance? What would it take to move beyond a single fusion center at one institution, to a broader vision of information-sharing and collaboration between public and private sectors, a “fusion chain?”


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Brian Kindle

VP of Product Development at ACFCS

Graham Bailey

Chief Operating Officer at Quantifind


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