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Modernizing Sanctions Risk Management in Gaming

Join Ari Tuchman, CEO of Quantifind, Joseph Martin, CEO of Kinectify, and Sean Topchi, Director of Business Development in an engaging conversation to explore the dynamic world of AI and risk management in the gaming industry. Learn how AI is transforming risk detection for gaming operators, enhancing accuracy in person identification within unstructured data, and reducing false positives during sanction screenings. 

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In this episode, our CEO Ari explains his unique journey from an atomic physics professor at Stanford to creating quantum sensors for landmine detection for the DoD, and eventually applying the AI components of quantum sensors to sanctions monitoring. 

Joined by Joseph and Sean, we delve into the transformative impact of AI on the gaming industry. Ari breaks down the proactive risk management strategies empowered by AI, focusing on the refinement of watchlists, sanctions, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), and adverse media screening. 

Gain a deeper understanding of the use of “name science” methodology and natural language screening and how it helps enhance accuracy within unstructured data and detect risk factors. Learn how Quantifind’s precise risk automation utilizes AI to drive dramatic reductions in false positives and provide leading-edge technology that disrupts risk with accuracy, speed, and scale.


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Ari Tuchman

CEO at Quantifind

Joseph Martin

CEO at Kinectify

Sean Topchi

Director of Business Development at Kinectify


Quantifind’s precise decision intelligence automation empowers organizations to understand their customers, partners, and suppliers in the context of global information. Only Quantifind can uncover relevant risk signals with supreme breadth, depth, accuracy, speed, and scale. Quantifind‘s AI platform streamlines risk management by delivering superior entity resolution for emerging threat detection, watchlist screening, alerts triage, KYC, and investigations.