In 2022, Quantifind was awarded 23.6 million for an #AI production contract by the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU)

Today we are excited to announce, that Quantifind is featured as an FY22 #AI-powered automation solution that transitioned to field capability for the #departmentofdefense.

Why Quantifind?

We empower the world’s risk investigators to action relevant signals of risk with the highest degree of accuracy and speed.

Across #DIU’s seven-year history, 2022 had the highest number of technology prototype transitions in a single fiscal year, a testament to the incredible advancements being made to strengthen our national security.

Hawker Tempest

Listed as #6, here is a synopsis of how Quantifind is featured for #artificialintelligence and #machinelearning:


Quantifind’s machine learning (ML) technology helps DoD extract, structure, and transform multi-modal datasets from both English and non-English sources into useful knowledge graphs, identifying and mapping nefarious actors and networks across multiple threat vectors.

Vendor: Quantifind

Prototype Award Value: $3.7M 

Transition Agreement: Production OT with a $23.6M ceiling over five years

Transition Partner: DoD

Transition Date: September 22, 2022



Defense Innovation Unit

DIU Annual Report 2022

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