Quantifind announces the formation of its Advisory Board as it expands its anti-money laundering and antifraud

MENLO PARK – February 27, 2020 – Renowned financial risk management experts Jim Richards, Chris Perretta, and Steve Katz are bringing their decades of experience to the newly-established Quantifind Advisory Board for Financial Crimes. The new board will accelerate Quantifind’s efforts to apply its cutting-edge technology to anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-fraud applications.

Richard, Perretta, and Katz are providing strategic guidance and expertise to Quantifind’s growing Financial Crimes division. “We are incredibly fortunate to be getting product, strategy, industry, and regulatory feedback from seasoned professionals who not only have been protecting the financial systems at the highest levels, but also who are technophiles who embrace the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI),” says Ari Tuchman, Ph.D., CEO of Quantifind. “Our AI-driven products are transforming the financial risk management sector’s ability to find key insights buried within massive datasets.”

The Advisory Board members include:


Jim Richards is a top thought leader in AML policy and implementation, as well as practical implications for law enforcement. He served as Wells Fargo’s BSA Officer and Global Head of Financial Crimes Risk Management for 13 years until recently launching his own RegTech advisory consulting group. Prior to Wells Fargo, Richards was the Director of Global AML Operations at Bank of America. He is the author of Transnational Criminal Organizations, Cybercrime, and Money Laundering (CRC Press 1998).

Richards is excited to advise Quantifind on effective and practical strategies for integrating artificial intelligence into the BSA and law enforcement workflow: “Quantifind’s technology offers financial institutions a beacon of hope: a legitimate opportunity to provide more timely and effective intelligence to law enforcement – the ultimate goal of the AML/CTF regimes – while more effectively and efficiently managing their regulatory compliance obligations.”


Chris Perretta has decades of experience implementing cutting-edge compliance technology at some of the largest financial institutions in the world while slicing through the noise in technology hype cycles, as well as driving cost efficiencies through automation and innovation. He is the former Chief Information and Operations Officer at MUFG America Holdings. Prior to that, Perretta was the Global CIO of State Street for nine years. He also served for more than 10 years at GE Capital being CIO at both the North America Consumer arm, and the Global Commercial Finance arm in addition to being group CTO at GE Capital. Perretta is leveraging his technology experience to help Quantifind navigate the compliance ecosystem with disruptive AI technology: “In separating AI hype from reality, Quantifind falls squarely on the side of reality. Quantifind has reduced AI to a practice for enhancing operational efficiencies while consistently finding hidden signals in complex data.”


For decades, Steve Katz has been several steps ahead of the industry in anticipating which innovation is needed to combat financial threats. He was the first Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), appointed to the position at Citi in 1995. He then joined Merrill Lynch as CISO/CPO. Katz was appointed as the first financial services sector coordinator for critical infrastructure protection by the Secretary of the Treasury, was founder and first chairman of the FS-ISAC, and provided congressional testimony on numerous occasions. “Quantifind is leading in fraud and AML intelligence with careful attention to solving the business need to simultaneously drive effectiveness and efficacy,” Katz says. “The Quantifind solution is critical for an industry that is seeing rampant growth and increasing bad actor sophistication.”

About Quantifind

Quantifind provides an AI solution for anti-money laundering and fraud detection that uniquely discovers risk by combining internal financial institution data with public domain data. Founded by two atomic physics Ph.D.s, the company has offices in Silicon Valley, New York, and Washington, DC.