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Help Prevent Natural Resource Exploitation by Understanding Risks and Red Flags

In a world of risk, success comes from a convergence of efforts between public and private sectors. We must join forces to combat wildlife trafficking with force.

Quantifind AI uncovers critical signals of risk from billions of unstructured data points quickly and far more accurately than it’s done today. Relevant signals are extracted from disparate and unstructured text sources associated with an entity, empowering risk specialists to make better, faster decisions about wildlife trafficking.

Quantifind AI is informed by a one-of-kind risk card program that sets global risk definition standards sourced by many stakeholders. The result is a virtuous cycle of insights from Quantifind data scientists and field experts.

The Risk Cards

  • A standardized risk training manual for AI and investigators.
  • Definitions: Inclusions + Exclusions
  • Relevance: Why Banks/Gov Should Care
  • Features: Terms, Signals (BOLO), Data Sets
  • Examples: Entity Lists (Training Data/Screening)
  • Related: Counter Efforts, Industries, Other Risks, Reviews
  • 60+ Risk Cards in Private Wiki Catalog
  • A Standard “Sponsored” by Experts, “Implemented” by Tech

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