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Graphyte on Microsoft Azure

Upgrade your team today with the most powerful financial crimes risk screening and investigations tools, now available in the Azure Marketplace.

Instant time-to-value

Pay as you grow

Security and reliability

Geographic flexibility

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Be up and running with GraphyteSearch
by the end of the day.

Comprehensive data coverage, AI-driven risk relevance and accuracy, patented search optimization, intuitive investigation and reporting features and workflow.  Now its even easier to put all of this technology at the fingertips of analysts, with GraphyteSearch available directly from the Azure Marketplace on a per-user basis.

Leverage the benefits of SaaS on Azure

icon for Instant time-to-value
Instant time-to-value

Let your team start benefiting from the efficiencies of GraphyteSearch in minutes

icon for Pay-as-you-grow scalability
Pay-as-you-grow scalability

Buy new licenses only as you need them, and then buy more with flexibility in response to demand

icon for Security and reliability
Security and reliability

Ensure compliance and business continuity with proximity and the assurances of proven Azure security and reliability

icon for Geographic flexibility
Geographic flexibility

Choose to operate from an instance in whatever jurisdiction best meets your compliance needs

Powerful risk intelligence,
now even more accessible.

Relevant data

External data sources include global English and non-English news, sanctions & PEP lists, official and non-standard lists of known criminals, company data, and leaks databases, plus programmatic search.

Better science

Graphyte embodies over a decade of R&D in machine learning, natural language processing, risk modeling, name science, and entity resolution.

Higher accuracy

AI-powered entity resolution and risk models yield higher name matching and risk assessment accuracy than alternative solutions.

Modern tools

Graphyte includes powerful APIs and a modern, intuitive investigation application, with detailed results and automated reporting about a subject and related entities.

Massive operational
efficiency gains

Optimize workflows from end to end

Gain efficiencies throughout the AML-KYC workflow; monitoring, search, curation, review, and reporting

Integrate seamlessly with legacy systems

Pre-built integrations with leading case management platforms mean that the benefits of automation can be incorporated quickly and without disturbing established processes

Leverage a variety of delivery models

Risk assessments are retrieved either through a web-based user interface, synchronous or batch APIs, and through integrations with your case manager

Consolidate analysis and results

Data sources are comprehensive, and all search results, analysis, and reporting is performed in a single investigation interface

Superior accuracy
and performance

Act upon only accurate risk assessments

100x accuracy superiority enables discovery of entities twice as likely to be named in a SAR/STR

Prioritize the highest risks

The distractions of irrelevant, inaccurate results are avoided, and risk-rankings let you prioritize the highest risk cases

Get more reliable results with AI-driven entity resolution and risk typologies

Leverage natural language processing, contextualization, and patented database technologies

Include search of native non-English sources

Avoid the pitfalls of searching machine-translated content with transliterated queries

GraphyteSearch is a feature-rich investigation application with a consumer-grade user experience

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GraphyteAPI on Azure

Integrations via REST APIs let investigators stay anchored in one platform with access to all the data needed to conduct a true 360° risk assessment.

  • On-demand link-out to the GraphyteSearch Application
  • Synchronous risk assessments accessible in the case 

GraphyteBatch on Azure

GraphyteBatch is an API that provides the ability to submit large numbers of queries at once. These queries can be used to prioritize cases by risk, such as to clear a backlog.

  • Risk assessments are generated automatically, allowing API-driven implementations that sort, filter, and prioritize applications and alerts backlogs.
  • Prepopulated risk assessments for all case subjects, driven by overnight batch processing

Comprehensive data coverage

Deep archive of global online news, including foreign language

Programmatic search engines

Public and private company corporate profiles Legal entity registrations (130+ jurisdictions worldwide) Federal law enforcement news: US DoJ, CAN RCMP, etc.

Financial regulatory statements: US SEC, UK FCA, HK SFA, etc.

Global sanctions and blacklists

Global politically exposed persons (PEP) lists

Offshore leaks databases including Panama Papers

Online public personally identifying information