Customer Due Diligence

Graphyte uses a unique combination of external data sources and predictive risk typology models to inform profiling and segmentation at onboarding. Broad data access expands the coverage of customer due diligence (CDD) reviews to better manage reputational risk and fraud loss, while machine learning models for accuracy and relevancy help ensure that on-going CDD alerts are on-target.

Graphyte scans for information in the public domain and summarizes results either over API or through a UI. End-to-end automation enables speed and scale in the implementation, making even continuous surveillance a possibility.

Key Features

Expand the scope of applicant reviews

Identify more risks earlier and save compliance costs downstream.

Align with dynamic, AI-driven risk typologies

Achieve more intelligent risk ratings and segmentation to improve risk detection and reduce false positives.

Automate continuous surveillance

Eliminate the gaps of a discrete annual review process.

Alerts Management

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