At Quantifind, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the game in the complex risk landscape. Our commitment to delivering unparalleled risk intelligence solution for our customers remains steadfast, and the start of this year introduces a multitude of new product features and functionalities. The Product Team is thrilled to unveil the latest improvements.

Extension of Chinese Transliteration:

Our proprietary Name Science predicts the ethnolinguistic group of a provided name and the likely variants of that name based on global naming patterns. This process provides far more precision than machine transformation or fuzzy matching. To expand our coverage of Chinese dialects, our Global Name Variants have been updated for both Chinese Pinyins and native characters. This enables Pinyin names to include corresponding Canton spelling generated as a potential variant.

Chinese Organization Transcription:

Quantifind has built another homegrown model to further enhance the treatment of foreign language and foreign entities. This model predicts the Latinized version of Chinese organization name based on the Chinese character name. Similar to the Chinese transliteration for persons, this will provide an even more exhaustive search!

More Automated Reporting:

A new API is now available to pull reports for customer segments under Continuous Monitoring. This Monitor/Metrics API allows numerous crosstabs that can include results by data source, risk factor, Graphyte user, and/or segment. Satisfy all your audit requirements with this streamlined automation!

Risk Topic Exclusivity:

Techniques for manipulating the market are ever evolving and we’re committed to continual improvement of capturing these risks. One recent data science focus has been the broad category of Insider Trading and Market Manipulation. To increase precision, this typology is being broken out into 3 distinct subtopics: Insider Trading, Market Manipulation, and Trademark & Patent Infringement. This approach provides more flexibility to customers for Risk Factor selection and enhances the specificity around illicit behavior – whether it’s front running or bid rigging.

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