The Escalating Threat

In 2022, the United States witnessed a shocking 480,000 reported cyberattacks—almost double the number from 2016. With cybercrime projected to cost over $452 billion in 2024, the stakes have never been higher. The focus has traditionally been on the cybercriminals themselves, but the spotlight is now shifting towards the victims and the devastating impact of these attacks. Businesses face a myriad of consequences, including regulatory fines, legal actions, operational disruptions, financial losses, sanctions violations, and severe reputational damage.

Understanding the Victims and the Impact

Most traditional risk detection models zero in on the perpetrators of cyberattacks. However, as the landscape of cyber threats evolves, there’s a critical need to focus on the victims—the companies and organizations at the receiving end of these attacks. Quantifind is at the forefront of this shift, employing advanced data science to develop models that distinguish between the perpetrator and the victim. This shift helps highlight the importance of accurately assessing and addressing the risks they face as victims of offensive cyberattacks.

Innovating Cybersecurity with Advanced Risk Models

Quantifind has pioneered a new methodology with our Cyberattacks risk topic model, which uniquely focuses on the entities impacted. This model effectively identifies and analyzes language related to cyber threats, distinguishing between perpetrators and victims. For instance, it captures incidents like Microsoft’s breach of a non-production account and Roku’s assurance of protecting sensitive personal data despite unauthorized access attempts. These insights are critical for companies to recognize and react to the nuances of cyber threats.
Our risk topic models prioritize a delicate balance between recall and precision to ensure both comprehensive coverage and minimal false positives. By integrating these models into a proprietary, in-memory database designed for NLP applications, Quantifind provides an unparalleled level of accuracy and speed in processing vast quantities of data. This capability is crucial for businesses to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. Integrating cybercrime analysis into our suite enhances our ability to offer sophisticated, actionable insights into the complex landscape of digital threats. Our tools enable businesses to detect potential breaches early, potentially saving millions in losses and preserving critical business relationships.

Secure Your Future Now

In the face of escalating cyber threats, proactive defense isn’t just advisable—it’s essential. Equip your business with the tools to identify, understand, and combat cyber risks effectively. Contact Quantifind today to learn how our cutting-edge solutions can safeguard your assets and secure your future in the digital age. Don’t wait for a breach to happen; act now to protect your enterprise.

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