The year kicked off with numerous product enhancements, continuing our commitment to deliver the highest quality experience for our customers.

Broadened Language Support

Quantifind broadened language support to include additional non-Latin character sets, allowing search capabilities for Japanese and Korean entity names across all Graphyte products.

Inclusion of New Regulatory Enforcement lists

Global focus has also been fortified through the inclusion of over 100 new Regulatory Enforcement lists, sourced from 37 countries. These lists encompass a wide variety of disciplinary charges, including restricted individuals, enforcement actions, monetary penalties, and license revocations, providing an even more holistic view of regulatory landscapes worldwide.

New Risk Factor Topics

New Risk Factor topics include a category focused on combating Illegal Fishing activity and a dedicated segment to discern the dynamics between cybercrime perpetrators and their targets, aptly labeled Cyberattack.

Increased Accuracy

For Quantifind customers using its API-only Screening and Monitoring solution, a new endpoint was released that allows for simultaneously screening a new customer or applicant and adding their name into scope for monitoring from that moment forward. With this method, nothing is ever missed and duplicate alerts are never created.

The Product Team is excited about these newest improvements, packed with valuable features and functionalities!

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